Call for Papers: “Critiquing Applied Linguistics”

Call for papers

for a special issue of Applied Linguistics Review:

‘Critiquing applied linguistics’

Call Deadline: 30 April 2012

From time to time to time in applied linguistics, one reads an article or book chapter or even an entire book which not only takes a critical stance towards a well-established topic or line of research but also leads readers to think differently about that topic or line of research. Many applied linguists felt this way when they read Robert Phillipson’s book Linguistic Imperialism  (Oxford University Press, 1992), which contained a critique of a certain complacency among many in the field about the supposed benignness of English in world. Others found stimulating Alan Firth and Johannes Wagner’s article ‘On discourse, communication, and (some) fundamental concepts in SLA Research’ (Modern Language Journal, 1997), which served as challenge to many foundational notions and assumptions in mainstream second language acquisition research.

The editors of Applied Linguistics Review do not believe that one can plan or anticipate that a given piece of writing will prove to be a landmark or game-changer as regards thinking about a particular area of applied linguistics. However, we note that far too many publications coming out today tend to reproduce accepted thinking and do not present anything challenging to the status quo. We therefore make this call for contributions to a special issue of Applied Linguistics Review entitled ‘Critiquing applied linguistics’.

Contributors to this issue will take a critical stance towards well-established areas of Applied Linguistics research and thought. Our aim is not to encourage nastiness or dispute for its own sake; rather, we wish to provide a forum for authors who have something to say about the state of play in different areas of applied linguistics from a critical perspective. Details about this special issue follow:

  • Deadline for proposals: 30 April 2012. Proposals should be 300-500 words in length.
  • Notification of acceptance/rejection: 25 May 2012. The issue will contain six to eight full-length articles.
  • Deadline for submission of full articles: 15 September 2012. Articles should not be more than 8000 words in length.
  • Receipt of feedback from reviewers: 15 December 2012. Each article will be blind reviewed by two or three reviewers.
  • Deadline for final revised submission: 15 March 2013.
  • Publication: October 2013.

All queries about this special issue, as well as proposals to it, should go to the issue editor: David Block: d.block[at]

Image Credit: eye/see @ flickr | CC BY-NC-ND

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