Language and Social Media: New Challenges for Research and Teaching Linguistics

BAAL/Cambridge University Press/University of Leicester

Applied Linguistics Seminar Programme 2012

Date: 26-27 April 2012

Place: University of Leicester

Co-ordinator: Dr Ruth Page

Keynote speakers

  • Jannis Androutsopoulos (University of Hamburg)
  • Caroline Tagg (University of Birmingham)
  • Ashraf Abdullah (University of Leeds)

Call for Papers

We invite submissions in all areas of language and social media including:

  • Language and social network sites
  • Language, mobile technologies, space and place
  • Identity and interaction
  • Performativity, authenticity, authority and fiction
  • Gaming, transmedial narrative and intertextuality
  • Teaching linguistics using social media

We welcome a range of approaches including:

  • Anthropological Linguistics
  • Critical Discourse Analysis
  • Conversation or Discourse Analysis
  • Multimodality
  • Corpus Linguistics
  • Systemic Functional Linguistics

Possible themes include:

  • Challenges that social media pose for the research methods used in applied linguistics
  • The value of terms like ‘text’, ‘context’, ‘community’ and ‘interaction’ for the analysis of social media

Papers and Posters

30 minute papers (20 minutes presentation and 10 minutes discussion) or poster presentations should address one or more of the seminar topics listed above.

Format for Proposals

Proposals should be submitted as a Word or Pdf file to Dr Ruth Page (, containing the following information:

Title of proposal in bold

  • Indicate whether the proposal is for a paper or a poster presentation
  • Name of presenter
  • Name and address of institution, telephone and email
  • Text 300 words maximum
  • 12 pt font, Left-aligned, single-spaced

Proposals will be reviewed by the seminar co-ordinator and a panel of reviewers.

Seminar Deadlines

  • 24 February 2012 Receipt of Proposals
  • 9 March 2012 Notification of Proposal acceptances
  • 12 April 2012 Payment of fees

For more details please see the conference website.

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