Intercultural Competence: Alternative approaches for different times [Call for chapters]

Contributions are invited for an edited volume titled Intercultural Competence: Alternative Approaches for Different Times, to be edited by Fred Dervin (University of Helsinki, Finland) and Zehavit Gross (Bar-Ilan University, Israel) and published by Routledge in 2015. Taking a critical stance on traditional conceptualisations of Intercultural Competence, the editors note that:

Authors are encouraged to submit contributions which offer “new, critical and original” insights into the notion of Intercultural Competence, including critiques of mainstream understandings and attempts to move beyond them, whether successful or unsuccessful. For the purposes of this volume, distinctions between intercultural, multicultural, cross-cultural, global and other similar competencies may be ignored. The editors also stress that they welcome “fresh perspectives from all parts of the world”, that they consider multilingual and interdisciplinary references requisite to publication, and that are keen on receiving submissions describing alternative methods and approaches.

Some possible themes, which chapters might explore, include the following:

  • What’s wrong with current approaches? What mistakes have been made – especially from researchers’ perspectives?
  • How can we move from an individualistic approach to intercultural competence to interactive and co-constructivist ones?
  • Is the idea of intercultural competence a thing of the past? How does it compare to intracultural competence (if such a thing exists)?
  • Can the idea of intercultural competence be really useful for conflictual situations?
  • Can neurosciences contribute to renewing the idea of intercultural competence? What about art, music, etc.?
  • What can we do with old and tired concepts such as identity, culture and community when we talk about intercultural competence?
  • What are the myths around the concept of intercultural competence?

Interested authors are requested to to submit a proposal (300 words maximum, , including a short biographical note), where they outline the originality of their approach to intercultural competence,  a description of what, if any, empirical substantiation they will draw upon, and possibly a basic list of references.

Proposals are to be submitted as .rtf or .doc files to the editors’ email addresses (fred.dervin[at]helsinki[dot]fi and grossz10[at]gmail[dot] com ) by 1st April 2014, and notification of acceptance will be given by 15 April 2014.

The full text of this CfC can be found here: Call for chapters: Intercultural Competence: Alternative approaches for different times

(hat tip to Susan Dawson)

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