22nd Manchester Phonology Meeting [Call for papers]

The 22nd Manchester Phonology Meeting (22mfm) will be held on 29-31 May 2014 in Manchester, UK. There will be a special session on epenthesis, but the conference does not have an overarching theme, and therefore welcomes submissions from all areas of phonological research.

Submissions are invited for either ‘talks/posters’ or ‘poster only’. Papers selected for oral presentation will be allocated 25 minutes plus 5 minutes for questions; a high-profile poster session lasting 90 minutes will be allocated for other submissions.

One-page anonymous abstracts should by submitted by 10 February 2014, using the EasyAbstracts facility provided by the LinguistList. Authors are requested to submit abstracts as .pdf files, with fonts embedded if possible. The Doulos SIL font is recommended for rendering phonetic symbols.

A limit of one single-authored paper and a joint submission (or two jointly-authored papers) is in place, but the conference organisers note that “it is unlikely that anyone will be offered two opportunities to speak”

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