Where is a good place to find calls for papers?

Another answer salvaged from the academia.edu soon-to-be-discontinued Q&A section:

Where is a good place to find calls for papers? I’ve never been published before…

That would depend on your discipline. A good starting point, judging by your listed interests [Anthropology and Middle East studyes], might be h-net. The major journals in each field often publish calls for papers as well, and academic societies usually have mailing lists that you can join.

Update: For people whose interests are closer to linguistics, the Linguist List directory of upcoming conferences and publications is an invaluable resource. I also post information about any conferences that is forwarded to me (usually Applied Linguistics and ELT/TESOL related) in this blog. The Doctoral Community at the University of Manchester Language Teacher Education group also post interesting calls for papers, and are well worth adding to your bookmarks or RSS feed.

If anyone can think of any other useful resource, I’d appreciate if if you could add it as a comment below.

Image Credit: Hindrik Sijens @ Flickr | CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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