Preview of things to come

The name of this month derives from the name of the Roman god Janus, protector of beginnings, whose two faces symbolically surveyed the past and looked towards the future. Janus, we are told, was associated with “the beginning of the day, month, and year, both calendrical and agricultural”, and though we may be said to have evolved past such superstition, I am attracted to the idea of simultaneously considering past and future, as one makes one’s way past a milestone.

I have already blogged about the past year, both from a personal perspective and in relation to this blog, so rather than reiterate, I will just say that it was a year of steady growth in terms of competence and confidence; and that your constant support and encouragement has been greatly appreciated.

Looking into the future, my overall goal is to publish approximately four posts a week, ranging from short announcements to more substantive comments. As a rough guide, here’s how I expect them to appear:

  • In the past year, I published two features on research methods, focussing on questionnaire design and researching multilingually. I have no immediate plans to write something similar, but I am open to suggestions for a possible series that might appear in the summer. In the meanwhile, I will try to answer any interesting questions you might send me as they arise – look for ‘Asked & Answered‘ posts on Mondays.
  • I will continue to publicise calls for papers that are forwarded to me. However, I will do this more selectively than I did in the past year, so there will only be one such post per week, normally on a Tuesday. As a rule of thumb, these will be conferences which I would like to attend, or publications to which I would like to contribute – and I will shamelessly self-promote my own research activity, so look out for a call for participation to a symposium later in January!
  • Announcements about my research and about this blog, as well as other assorted news or noteworthy information will be published on Wednesdays, unless they are in some way urgent.
  • From February onwards, I will post a series of short articles on Complex Systems Theory and Language Teaching. These will appear every two weeks, normally on a Thursday, and will run until the mid-April. Following that, I will use the Thursday slot for discussing themes from the literature on ELT, language acquisition etc. Some topics likely to appear in the blog include Teaching English to Very Young Learners, English as a Lingua Franca, and English Language Teaching in Greece.
  • Comments and discussion points, focussing on English Language Teaching and Higher Education, will appear on Saturdays, at a rate of one or two per month. You may want to look out for an upcoming post on racism in ELT hiring practices, some thoughts on predatory publishing, and linguistic discrimination in Greek education.
  • Finally, on Sundays I will publish a round-up of four or five noteworthy articles or blog posts that appeared in the previous week.

This blogging schedule will likely go on until April, at which time it will be put on temporary hold, so as to help me attend a number of research events, including our IATEFL panel discussion on 11th April 2015. I hope you continue to find this information interesting, and look forward to your feedback!

Featured Image: eye/see @ flickr, CC BY-NC-ND

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