Call for papers: Methodological Innovation in CALL Research and its Role in SLA

The 2017 Special Issue of Language Learning & Technology will focus on methodological innovation in Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) research, and a call has been put out for empirically-driven papers as well as “original, innovative and compelling” conceptual contributions. The following extract, from the call for papers, describes the scope of the issue:

For this special issue we seek proposals that highlight how specific innovative methodological choices allow us to capture and/or analyze aspects of learner-computer or learner-learner interaction in a way that illuminate the relationship between some aspect of CALL and SLA. Innovative methodological choices may include applying an existing methodological tool or technique from CALL or a cognate field in a new way or using a specific technology in a methodologically innovative fashion. An example of an innovative methodological choice would be if one were to conduct a stimulated recall session while a participant viewed a screen capture of her own eye gaze during a previous task-based CMC activity. Whereas stimulated recall is a widely used methodological technique in applied linguistics research, it is not often employed in conjunction with eye gaze recordings of CALL tasks. Likewise, though eye tracking technology has been used in reading research for decades, it has only recently begun to gain momentum in CALL as a tool for exploring the nature of learner attention to form during interactive tasks.

Submission guidelines are available for consultation here. Prospective authors are invited to submit a proposal containing a title and an abstract (250 words max.) to llt[at] hawaii[dot]edu, by 1st June 2015.

The publication timeline is as follows:

Submission deadline for abstracts 1st June 2015
Invitation to authors to submit a manuscript 15th June 2015
Submission deadline for manuscripts 1st November 2015
Publication of special issue 1st February 2017

You can find more calls for papers in the fields of linguistics, first and second language acquistion, and language teaching by following this link.

Featured image by Texas A&M University @ Flickr | CC BY 2.0

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