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Kostoulas, A. (2014). A complex systems perspective on English Language Teaching: a case study of a language school in Greece. PhD thesis, The University of Manchester.
  • The British Library EThOS listing of the thesis is here.
  • A copy of my thesis can be downloaded from eScholar, the University of Manchester institutional repository.
Van Hiele, P. (2011). Δομή και διορατικότητα. Μια θεωρία για τη μαθηματική εκπαίδευση. / Structure and Insight: a theory of mathematics education (A. Kostoulas, transl.,  E. Koleza, ed.). Athens: Liberal Books.
  • This book was translated under contract in 2001.
  • ISBN 960-99459-5-3 ; ISBN 13: 978-960-99459-5-0.
  • Copies of the book can be purchased here and here.
  • To date, the book has been reviewed by TO VIMA.
Kostoulas, A. (2007). Dynamics impacting ELT learning materials in the Greek context: a complexity perspective. Manchester: The University of Manchester.
  • Reading copies can be procured from the John Rylands University of Manchester Library (listing)
  • The WorldCat listing of this dissertation can be accessed here.

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