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Kostoulas, A. (in preparation). Challenging Boundaries in Language EducationCham: Springer.

  • This edited collection traces its origins to the Language Education Across Borders international conference, that took place in Graz in December 2017.
  • Its main aim is to challenge readers’ perceptions of language education, and to rethink the aims, methods, content and populations involved.
  • The collection will comprise 15 peer-reviewed chapters.
  • It is expected to appear in late 2019.

Kostoulas, A. (2018). A Language School as a Complex System:Complex Systems Theory in English Language TeachingFrankfurt: Peter Lang.

  • The aim of this monograph is to show how a Complex Systems Theory can be used to describe phenomena that interest us in language education.
  • Language School as a Complex System coverUsing a language school in Greece as an example, I suggest we can think of the school as a complex dynamic system. I then go on to present such a description, which I argue should contain four components:
    • a delineation of all the forms of teaching and learning conceivably available to the school (its state space);
    • a description of the forms of teaching and learning that are made more likely, taking into account the resources available (or affordances);
    • an overview of the main motivational drivers that can be identified in the school (the intentionalities); and finally,
    • a presentation of the forms of teaching and learning that actually take place (the attractors).
  • This four-component frame can be used to describe similar phenomena that take place at different levels of analysis, whether our focus is on individual learners and teachers, or on nation-wide educational systems.

Mercer, S. and Kostoulas, A. (eds) (2018). Language Teacher Psychology. Bristol: Multilingual Matters.

  • LTPcoverTo date, the majority of work in language learning psychology has focused on the learner. In contrast, relatively little attention has been paid to teacher psychology. This volume seeks to redress the imbalance by bringing together various strands of research into the psychology of language teachers. It consists of 19 contributions on well-established areas of teacher psychology, as well as areas that have only recently begun to be explored. This original collection, which covers a multitude of theoretical and methodological perspectives, makes a significant contribution to the emerging field of language teacher psychology as a domain of inquiry within language education.
  • Available formats include hardcover, softback, and ebook (Kindle, pdf and epub).  Available through Multilingual Matters and Amazon.

In contrast to the study of learners, the study of teachers in the field of second language acquisition has been noticeably rare. In this masterful collection of recent research, Mercer and Kostoulas draw together a compelling rationale for attention to teachers as central players in language learning. The chapters in the book are compulsory reading for anyone wishing to gain deeper insights into language teacher psychology. (Anne Burns, University of New South Wales, Australia)

The chapters in this book have succeeded in laying out a rich, colourful and textured landscape of research into language teachers. With its diverse conceptual frameworks and innovative methodologies, the book is bound to become a primary reference for anyone wishing to orient themselves in this terrain and/or contribute to it. (Maggie Kubanyiova, University of Leeds, UK)

This book convincingly establishes a new field of enquiry, showing that language teacher psychology – though frequently neglected – really matters! Sarah Mercer and Achilleas Kostoulas have assembled a rich array of expert contributions, uniting hitherto disparate areas in a coherent, ground-breaking collection. The book will inspire new research and action for teacher well-being and learner achievement. (Richard Smith, University of Warwick, UK)

Kostoulas, A. and Mercer, S. (eds) (2016). Fifteen years of research on the self in System (Virtual Special Issue). System.

  • This is a collection of articles on the self and identity, which appeared in System, between 2000 (when Bonnie Norton’s seminal book Identity and Language Learning) was published and 2015.
  • The introductory article, which surveys the field, can be accessed here (paywall, sorry!). You can also view a short video in TESOLacademic where I talk about the article.

Kostoulas, A. (2014). A complex systems perspective on English Language Teaching: a case study of a language school in Greece. PhD thesis, The University of Manchester.

  • The British Library EThOS listing of the thesis is here.
  • A copy of my thesis can be downloaded from eScholar, the University of Manchester institutional repository.

Van Hiele, P. (2011). Δομή και διορατικότητα. Μια θεωρία για τη μαθηματική εκπαίδευση. / Structure and Insight: a theory of mathematics education (A. Kostoulas, transl.,  E. Koleza, ed.). Athens: Liberal Books.

  • This book was translated under contract in 2001.
  • ISBN 960-99459-5-3 ; ISBN 13: 978-960-99459-5-0.
  • To date, the book has been reviewed by TO VIMA.

Kostoulas, A. (2007). Dynamics impacting ELT learning materials in the Greek context: a complexity perspective. Manchester: The University of Manchester.

  • Reading copies can be procured from the John Rylands University of Manchester Library (listing)
  • The WorldCat listing of this dissertation can be accessed here.

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