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Comments on the thesis and the viva

My thesis was successfully examined on 18 November 2014, by Prof. Adrian Holliday (Canterbury Christ Church University) and Dr. Richard Fay (University of Manchester). Here are some of the examiners’ comments:

This thesis clearly represents a huge amount of work which is at doctoral level. The writing is of high standard (…); and there are some places where this is of a very high standard and indicates ground breaking research.

Prof. Adrian Holliday, External Examiner

The candidate should be congratulated on how he deals with different languages in the literature.

Prof. Adrian Holliday, External Examiner

Being no stranger to Greece, Greek ELT, and the joys of ethnographic fieldwork within emergent Greek educational contexts myself, I found the thesis to have great explanatory power and to be insightful in many respects. It was a pleasurable and engaging read and represents work of a high standard.

Dr Richard Fay, Internal Examiner

During the oral examination the candidate displayed excellent mastery of the research process (…) In the viva, the candidate showed a profound understanding of the ethnographic method and how the case study related to his professional field (…) The candidate responded to a very difficult interrogation of his methodological thinking and procedures with confidence, knowledge and clarity.

Joint Examiners Report

Featured Image: Andrea Parrish – Geyer @ Flickr, CC BY-ND 2.0

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