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AFL 5010 (English in the EU)

AFL 5010, English in the EU (also referred to as English V) was a Content and Language Integrated (CLIL) course that focused on English as an administrative language of the European Union, while providing information about the European institutions and the ways in which they operate. The course was aimed at third-year undergraduates.

On successful completion of the course, students were expected to:

  • be familiar with the discourse used in EU documents;
  • be able to study and analyse EU documents, including research tenders, announcements, treaties, etc.;
  • be familiar with the structure of the EU (as modified by the Lisbon Treaty);
  • be able to use communicative strategies in oral and written communications in a EU context;
  • be able to make use of the official EU websites.

The course consisted of three components: Lectures, Applied Practice sections, and Workshops.

From this page you can access some materials that were used in the AFL 5010 workshop in the 2011-2012 Autumn Semester. You can download the handouts that correspond to each presentation by clicking on the title above it:

Workshop 1 (Overview and Attitudes)

Workshop 2 (European Institutions)

Workshop 3 (The Treaty of Lisbon)

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