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AFL 7020 (Language Teacher Education)

AFL 7020, Language Teacher Education, was a course designed to provided Initial Teacher Education to future teachers of English and other foreign languages. The course was addressed to senior (i.e. Year 4) undergraduates. The course comprised three components: (a) lectures, (b) applied practice sessions, which involved the reflective analysis of existing materials and the practice in developing lesson plans, and (c) micro-teaching workshops.

Materials (in Greek) for this course, such as a syllabus, lecture presentations and examination materials can be accessed from this page.


Lecture 1 (Introductory concepts)

Lectures 2 and 3 (Context and resources of language learning)

Lecture 4 (Approaches and Methods)

Workshop 4: Lesson plan template

Lecture 5 (ESP I: Introduction to Business English)

Lecture 6  (ESP II: Teaching English in state vocational schools)

[to be uploaded]

Mid-term examination

Lecture 7 (Teaching Grammar)

Workshop 7: Presentation, Practice, Production

Lecture 8 (Teaching Vocabulary)

Lecture 9 (Teaching Compehension Skills)

Workshop 9A: Developing Reading Skills

Workshop 9B: Developing Listening Skills

Lecture 10 (Teaching Production Skills)

[to be uploaded]

Lecture 11 (Developing professionally as a language educator)

[to be uploaded]

Lecture 12 (Assessment principles in language education)

[to be uploaded]

Lecture 13 (Review)

[to be uploaded]

Final exam 

(Answers and marking guide)

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