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Where can I find calls for papers for TESOL?

So, you have written or are planning to write a paper on language education, TESOL or applied linguistics – but do you know where to publish it? The easiest way forward usually is to submit your work to one of the many journals in the field. Another option is to consider an edited volume or a special issue, if you happen to know of one where the themes match the topic of your paper. In this post, I list some websites that regularly publish calls for papers / chapters with a focus on language education, TESOL or applied linguistics.

Calls for papers in the humanities and social sciences

This post originally appeared in the Q&A section of It was written in response to a question by a user of that site, who listed Anthropology and Middle East Studies as her interests, who asked:

Where is a good place to find calls for papers? I’ve never been published before…

My original answer was as follows:

That would depend on your discipline. A good starting point, judging by your listed interests, might be h-net. The major journals in each field often publish calls for papers as well, and academic societies usually have mailing lists that you can join.

Calls for papers in TESOL, language education and applied linguistics

Some additional options you might explore include the following:

  • If you are looking for calls for papers in linguistics, the Linguist List directory of upcoming conferences and publications is an invaluable resource.
  • I also post information in this blog about any conferences that people forward to me. These usually have a focus on applied linguistics and ELT/TESOL.
  • The Language Teacher Education Researcher Network (LANTERN) at the University of Manchester also post interesting calls for papers. They are well worth adding to your bookmarks or RSS feed.

Can you think of more useful websites?

If anyone can think of any other useful resource, I’d appreciate reading about it in the comments. Also feel free to share this post with anyone who might potentially be interested using the social sharing buttons below.

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