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Kostoulas, A., Stelma, J., Mercer, S., Cameron, L., and Dawson, S. (under review). Complex Systems Theory as a Shared Discourse Space for TESOL.
  • This article presents aspects of Complex Systems Theory that might resonate with the experience of language teachers. The argument is put forward that Complex Systems Theory can help to bridge the perceived gap between the perspectives of researchers and teachers.
Kostoulas, A. and Stelma, J. (under review) . Understanding change in an ELT school in Greece.
  • This article puts forward a complexity-informed way of understanding processes of change in ELT settings, and exemplifies this perspective using data from a language school in Greece.
  • The article builds on previous work that was presented at the Manchester Roundtable and 7th BAAL LLT SIG conference, and draws on data that were originally published in my thesis.
  • The article has been submitted to a well-known international journal and is currently awaiting peer-review.
Kostoulas, A. and Mercer, S. (in press). Fifteen years of research on self & identity in System. System. doi: 10.1016/j.system.2016.04.002

This is the second in a series of Virtual Special Issues published by System, which showcase selected articles that have appeared in the journal. In this issue, we focus on the psychological construct of the self in language teaching and learning, as viewed from diverse theoretical perspectives. Forty articles published in the last 15 years were reviewed, of which ten were selected for inclusion in this issue, taking into account their impact, their conceptual salience or their potential to exemplify theoretical developments in the field.

Kostoulas, A., and Stelma, J. (2016). Intentionality and Complex Systems Theory: a New Direction for Language Learning Psychology. In Gkonou, C., Tatzl, D., and Mercer, S. (eds.) New Directions in Language Learning Psychology. Berlin: Springer.
  • This chapter examines the combined potential of the concept of ‘intentionality’ and ‘complex systems theory’ as a new theoretical direction for language learning psychology. The explanatory and predictive utility of the combined constructs for language learning psychology is then illustrated by juxtaposing two case studies, from Norway and Greece.
  • A copy of the chapter can be downloaded by clicking here.
Stelma, J., Onat-Stelma, Z., Lee, W. and Kostoulas, A. (2015). Intentional Dynamics in TESOL: An Ecological Perspective. Teachers College, Columbia University Working Papers in TESOL and Applied Linguistics 15(1) 14-32.
  • This paper puts forward a conceptual model of intentionality, which builds on previous work on ecological psychology. A re-analysis of previously published data is used to demonstrate the relevance of the model to TESOL.
  • The article has been published under a CC-BY Creative Commons license and is free to download.
Kostoulas, A. (2014). A Greek Tragedy: Understanding and Challenging ‘the Known’ From a Complexity Perspective. In Rivers, D. (ed.) Resistance to the Known: Counter-Conduct in Foreign Language EducationHoundmills: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • This chapter synthesises empirical data and post-modern theorisations in order to describe English Language Teaching (ELT) as a locally embedded global phenomenon. The overall aims of the chapter are to encourage teaching professionals to reflect on how established practice (the ‘Known’) sustains and is sustained by vested interests, and to encourage them to move beyond (or ‘resist’) it through pedagogically and politically appropriate praxis.
  • If you are interested in getting a copy of the book, please consider following this link to to make your purchase. I reclaim 4% of the cover price for every purchase made from my referrals, which I use to fund this blog.
Kostoulas, A. (2011). From applying Theory to theorising practice: constructing small-t theories in Greek ELT. Aspects Today 32, 14-21.
  • This invited article builds on the talk delivered at ‘Empowering Language Teaching’ professional development day, organised by the Panhellenic [Greek National] Association of State School Teachers of English.
  • A postprint of the article can be downloaded here.
Breen. P.B., De Stefani, M. and Kostoulas, A. (2011). ‘Navigating a pathway to partnership through turbulent seas of adversity.’ In Tripathi, P. and Mukerji, S. (eds.). Cases on Innovations in Educational Marketing (pp. 273-294). Hershey PA.: IGI Global.
  • This chapter was short-listed for The University of Manchester Student Partnership Awards 2010. All authors contributed equally to the publication and are listed in alphabetical order.
Kostoulas, A. (2010). English as a Lingua Franca & methodological tension in a language school in Greece. in esse 1(1), 91-112.
  • This article is a revised and expanded version of the paper presented at the ‘Said and Unsaid’ conference at the University of Vlorë in September 2011.

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