Research Supervision


I supervise postgraduate work that focuses on topics including bilingualism, multilingualism and translanguaging, language policy, and language teaching and learning. In this page, you can find information about the dissertations I have supervised or am supervising, as well as information that may be useful if you would like to get in touch for me to supervise or examine your work.

Information for prospective students

If you are interested in conducting supervised research in a field where my expertise could be useful I would be happy to hear from you.

  • Students who are curently enrolled in the LRM programme at the Hellenic Open University and would like to explore supervision options should contact me during my office hours. It would be helpful if you have prepared a list of three-four project ideas that interest you before this meeting. Please note that such discussions are best conducted approximately three months before the semester when you intend to start work on your dissertation.
  • If you are not enrolled in a programme where I teach, but are interested in exploring options for a PhD project, I would be happy to meet you for an initial consultation. To help me better understand your strenghts and interests, please attach a brief CV (two-pages maximum, no photos) and a one-page description of the project that interests you.

Projects supervised

I have supervised, or am currently supevising the following student research projects.

Examination of research projects

I welcome opportunities to be involved in the examination of postgraduate work in the fields of applied linguistics and language teacher education. Although this process is typically managed by university administrators, I am happy to be contacted for informal inquiries. An abstract of your dissertation or thesis would be very helpful for determining whether I am an appropriate examiner for your work.

PhD Theses

I have been proud to serve as an external examiner in the examination of the following doctoral theses:

  • Aspbury-Miyanishi, E. (2022). In the Midst of Practice: Developing the Skilled Teacher Approach. PhD Thesis, University of Manchester.
  • Savvani, S. (2022). Language teachers’ emotions in game-mediated teaching. PhD Thesis, University of Essex.

MA dissertations

I have been invited to examine MA dissertations for the University of Venice, as part of the joint degree programme in English Studies co-offered with the University of Graz. I also regularly serve as a ‘second’ (i.e., non-supervising) examiner for the Hellenic Open University.