Other roles

Roles in the academic community

Editorial roles

Peer review for academic journals

I have provided peer review services for multiple academic journals, including the following:

See also my Publons profile, for a detailed list of reviewing activity.

Peer review for academic monographs & edited volumes

  • Orange, V. (2019). Supercomplexity in Interaction. Basingstoke: PalgraveMacmillan.
  • Selected chapters in Kayi-Aydar, H. et al. (eds) (2019). Theorizing and Analyzing Language Teacher Agency. Bristol: Multilingual Matters.
  • Gkonou, C. & Mercer, S. (2017). Understanding Emotional and Social Intelligence among English Language Teachers. London: British Council.
  • Selected chapters in Ahmadian, M. J. & García Mayo M. P. (eds) (2015). Recent Perspectives on Task-based Language Learning and Teaching. Amsterdam: De Gruyter Mouton.

Peer review for funding agencies

  • British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowships;
  • Ernst Mach Stipendien.

Peer review for conferences

  • I coordinated peer review for Language Education Across Borders international conference (Graz, 2017).
  • I provided peer review for the 2017 Annual conference of the British Association of Applied Linguistics and TESOL 2020.

Departmental roles & service

University of Thessaly

University of Graz

In this post, I was responsible for multiple ad hoc administrative duties, including the following:

  • organising the Language Education Across Borders international conference (December 2016-December 2017);
  • assistance in the preparation of the five-year review of the ELT Research and Methodology section (January – February 2017);
  • assistance in promoting the online visibility of the International Association for the Psychology of Language Learning (e.g., website design, content creation) (December 2015 – May 2017).

University of Manchester

I was a co-organiser of the Manchester Roundtable on Complexity and English Language Education (April 2015).

University of Ioannina 2nd Model-Experimental School

In this post, I was responsible for the development of the following policies:

Outreach to the professional community & knowledge transfer

  • I organised a series of webinars for professional development of language teachers, which can be accessed from the University of Graz podcast portal.
  • I provide external peer review for professional journals, including: Aspects Today, the journal of the Panhellenic [i.e. Greek National] Association of State School Teachers of English (ΠΕΚΑΔΕ).

Featured Image Credit: Inside view of the Administration Building, U. of Notre Dame, by Dan Dzurisin | CC BY-NC-ND