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Other publications

Akbarov, A. (ed.) (2015). The Practice of Foreign Language Teaching: Theories and Applications. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishers.
Dunworth, K. and Qiao Zhang, G. (eds). (2014). Critical Perspectives on Language Education: Australia and the Asia Pacific. Berlin: Springer.
García Mayo, M., Gutierrez Mangado, M. J. and Martínez Adrián, M. (eds.) (2013). Contemporary Approaches to Second Language Acquisition. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
Shehadeh, A. and Coombe, C. A. (eds.) (2012). Task-Based Language Teaching in Foreign Language Contexts: Research & Implementation. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
Mangaphas P. K. and Papadopoulos, V. G. (2005). The Historical Archives of the Foundation for Research in Northern Epirus. Ioannina: FRNE.
  • I translated selected sections from Modern Greek into English.
  • I was also involved in the project by designing the database that was used to index the archival data.
Kostoulas, A. (2005). The 1973 Arab-Israeli war [in Greek]. Stratiotikê Epitheorisê [Military Review]. Athens: Hellenic Army General Staff.
  • Study commissioned by the official journal of the Hellenic Army General Staff (not peer-reviewed).

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