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Other research projects

This page links to various older research and teaching projects in which I have been involved.

Αναγκαστικές μετακινήσεις πληθυσμών και εκπαίδευση

Conference and symposium on forced migration and education

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The psychological capital of modern language teachers across the career trajectory

Successful application for a € 400,000 grant by the Fonds zur Förderung der Wissenschaftlichen Forschung (FWF)

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I had a pivotal role in preparing the original submission (2017). This involved overseeing of the drafting of the literature review, and subsequently revising it; writing substantial parts of the research methods, dissemination, and impact sections; and preparing the budget. I also had a leading role in revising the proposal for resubmission in 2018, which involved responding to reviewer feedback and revising the budget.

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Self-concept & professional well-being of CLIL teachers in primary, secondary & tertiary contexts in Austria

Research project funded by the ÖNB [Austrian National Bank] (€ 106,000)

I was initially involved in project preparation (9/2016-3/2017). Following that, I co-ordinated research and had a leading role in staff development (3/2017-6/2017). From then onward, I continued to be involved as an ad hoc advisor until leaving the University of Graz.

Critical Skills for Life and Work

Erasmus+ funded project (€ 38.960,00) aiming to develop resources for the linguistic integration of highly skilled migrants and refugees.

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After School: Lessons Learnt

Series of small-scale action research projects that took place at the University of Ioannina 2nd Model / Experimental School, which I coordinated.

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Collaboration with the University of Ioannina Centre for Modern Greek Philosophy. (more information)