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Current teaching

In my post at the University of Graz, I have been entrusted with teaching two courses for future language educators.

Introduction to Foreign Language Didactics

This course is the first of several didactics modules that trainee teachers are expected to take in their studies at the University of Graz. It consists of 13 lectures with a practical component (Vorlesung mit Übung), which aim to acquaint participants with aspects of language pedagogy, and to help them reflect on them using structured tasks. Some of the themes that are discussed include communicative language teaching, learning autonomy, the four skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and testing. Additional information will soon be posted here.

Applied Linguistics for Language Teachers

This course consists of 13 lectures with a practical component (Vorlesung mit Übung), which introduce participants to salient themes in Applied Linguistics which are relevant to their teaching practice. Topics include the relevance of theory to practice, the role of English as a product of and vehicle for globalisation, second language acquisition, aspects of language learning psychology (e.g., motivation) and more. Additional information will be posted here in due course.

Older teaching experience

In the past, I have also been involved in other teaching activity, at the Epirus Instutute of Technology in Greece and the University of Manchester in the UK. Some information about these courses is listed below.

Courses taught
  • AFL 1010 English as a Primary Foreign Language (I): an introductory Business English tutorial, delivered to first-year undergraduates at the Epirus Institute of Technology (more…)
  • AFL 5010 English as a Primary Foreign Language (V): a tutorial focusing on English as an institutional and administrative language in the European Union, delivered to third-year undergraduates at the Epirus Institute of Technology  (more…)
Courses convened
  • AFL 7020 Language Teacher Education: an Initial Teacher Education course on teaching foreign languages, delivered to senior undergraduates at the Epirus Institute of Technology  (more…)
  • MA dissertations at The University of Manchester (TESOL)
  • Undergraduate theses at the Epirus Institute of Technology (focus on Language Teaching)

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