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Applied Linguistics & Language Teacher Education

Other presentations and talks

  • Kostoulas, A. & Motsiou, E. (2023). Foreign loanwords in Modern Greek. Workshop at the Learning Languages with a Different Alphabet BIP organised by the Unité de Formation et de Recherche (UFR) des Lettres & des Langues de l’Université de Poitiers.
  • Kostoulas, A. (2023, 24 April). Making sense of multilingual meaning-making. Invited lecture at the Mehrsprachigkeit Interdisziplinär Lecture Series (Ringvorlesung) at the Pädagogische Hochschule der Diözese Linz.
  • Motsiou, E. & Kostoulas, A. (2022, 18 November). From monolingual ideologies towards plurilingual practices]. Invited lecture at the Faculté des Lettres et des Langues, University of Poitiers.
  • Motsiou, E. & Kostoulas, A. (2021, 23 November). Language policies in plurilingual families: language development and language maintenance. Invited lecture at the Faculté des Lettres et des Langues, University of Poitiers.
  • Kostoulas, A. (2021, October). Developing Resilience as a Language Teacher: Focusing on Teacher Strengths. Professional development workshop held at the 10th Malta ELT conference “Celebrating Resilience”.
  • Motsiou, E. & Kostoulas, A. (2021, May). Από την μονογλωσσική ιδεολογία προς τη διαγλωσσικότητα [From monolingual ideologies towards translanguaging]. Guest lecture at the “Lesson Planning & Materials Development in Contemporary Learning Contexts” postgraduate programme at the University of Thessaly.
  • Kostoulas, A. (2021, January). The Ecologies of Language Education. Invited lecture at the University of Manchester.
  • Fay, R. et al. (2021, January). Writing for Publication During and From a Doctorate: Case Studies of the Experiences of Colleagues from Manchester and Beyond. Collaborative workshop for early-career researchers held organised by the University of Manchester LANTERN group and the University of Stavanger.
  • Lämmerer, A. & Kostoulas, A. (2017, November). Adapting & Designing Materials for CLIL. Professional development workshop held at the ELT Connect conference organised by the University of Graz.
  • Kostoulas, A. (2017, June). Developing Resilience in Language Teaching. Eight-hour workshop for language teachers, organised by the FH Joanneum University of Applied Sciences.
  • Kostoulas, A. (2016, May). Introducing Grounded Theory Research. One-hour workshop for doctoral students during the DOCNET International PhD Colloquium “Challenges in Foreign Language Teaching Research”, Strobl am Wolfgangse.
  • Kostoulas, A. (2016, April). Introducing Grounded Theory Research. Eight-hour workshop for early career researchers, organised by the University of Graz.
  • Kostoulas, A. (2016, April). Surviving and Thriving in the Language Classroom. Workshop during the Teachers of English in Austria Biannual Conference (Graz ConneXion 2016).
  • Kostoulas, A. & Lämmerer, A. (2015, December).  Exploring Practice through Classroom-Based Research. Workshop during the “ELT Connect 2015” conference, organised by the University of Graz.

(additional information about the workshop)

  • Kostoulas, A. (2012, May). Transparency in bilingual data: intentionalities and representational positions. Paper presented at the “Researching Multilingually” seminar hosted by The University of Manchester, UK. (Extended abstract)

  • Kostoulas, A. (2011, October). From applying Theory to theorising practice: building small-t theories in Greek TESOL. Talk delivered at the Panhellenic Association of State Schools Teachers of English (PEKADE) professional development day “Empowering Language Teaching”. Athens, Greece.

This paper has been extended into an article at the request of the editors of Aspects Today, the referreed journal of PEKADE. The handout that accompanies this presentation can be downloaded here.

  • Kostoulas, A. (2011, June). Stasis and Change: conceptualising ELT as a complex dynamical system. Paper presented at the “From Here to There and Back Again: Conference papers by the LTE community” researcher conference organised by the Language Teacher Education group at the University of Manchester, UK.
    A revised version of this paper was presented at “New Dynamics of Language Learning: Spaces and Places – Intentions and Opportunities” International Conference, at the University of Jyväskylä.

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