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AI for Foreign Language Education (AI4FLE)

Artificial Intelligence for Foreign Language Education (AI4FLE) is a four-year project funded by the European Centre for Modern Languages (ECML). It aims to empower teachers and learners of foreign languages to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) effectively and ethically. To achieve this, the project investigates how AI tools can assist teachers in planning lessons, designing materials, and conducting formative assessments. It also explores ways to enable learners to responsibly utilize AI for higher-quality, autonomous language learning.

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The AI4FLE team

The international project team combines the strengths of experienced language teacher educators from across Europe: Austria, Estonia, France and Greece. You can read more about us below.

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What makes AI4FLE important?

Foreign language education is at the cusp of a paradigm change. The emergence of Artificial Intelligence is seen as full of promise by some, but others view it as a major threat. The AI4FLE research project aims to sift through some of the mounting hype and scepticism, and to encourage the responsible and ethical use of the emerging AI tools and resources.

In collaboration with language teachers and teacher educators, we seek to understand how AI tools, such as ChatGPT, can support L2 teaching and learning. Teachers might use AI tools to generate a variety of learning resources. These include, for instance, native-like texts for teaching purposes, prompts, video and audio transcripts, comprehension questions, and grammar activities, as well as materials for differentiated learning. In addition, AI resources can support learners in organising learning. This could involve designing learning pathways that do not require much teacher input and feedback. In addition to the above, the project explores how to raise ethical awareness of sensitive issues connected to AI, such as academic malpractice.

Planned output

  • A multilingual webpage showcasing useful AI applications and examples of usage
  • A handbook for implementing AI in language education
  • Dissemination resources (a multilingual flyer; a Moodle training course)


This section will be updated as the project develops.