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AFL 1010 (Introduction to Business English)

AFL 1010, Introduction to Business English (also known as English I) is an introductory course in Business English which aims at developing students’ communicative fluency in using English in entrepreneurial and management settings.

According to the student’s handbook, on the successful completion of this course, students should:

  • have developed the requisite awareness regarding the forms and functions of English as used in business and managerial settings;
  • have developed their skills in oral and written communication as well as communicative strategies to facilitate the exchange of information in business and managerial settings;
  • be familiar with expectations in composing differing forms of written texts;
  • have developed intercultural awareness that can inform students to text production, as well as facilitate the comprehension and successful use of foreign cultural norms.

There are three components to the course: Lectures (2 contact hours / week), Applied Practice sessions (2 contact hours / week) and Workshops focussing on oral communication (2 contact hours / week).