ELT J Special Issue: Teaching English to Young Learners

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Update: The Special Issue advertised in the Call for Papers below was published as Volume 68, Issue 3. It can be accessed by clicking on this link [paywall]:

ELT Journal, Special Issue on Teaching English to Young Learners

Contributions are invited for the 2014 Special Issue of ELT Journal which will focus on ‘Teaching English to young learners’ (i.e. pre-school, primary level and secondary education). According to the editors:

The Special Issue provides an opportunity to explore the principles and practice which underpin the teaching of English to young learners, and also to examine and discuss issues which are implicit in teaching young learners and teenagers in context, for example, the effects of educational policy; review, testing and evaluation procedures; young learner teacher training and education; and cultural concerns in the teaching of English to young learners and teenagers.

A suggested, but non-exhaustive, list of topics includes:

  • bilingual education
  • blended learning for young learners and teenagers
  • classroom practice, methods, and methodologies
  • CLIL for young learners and teenagers
  • educational policy and the teaching of young learners and teenagers
  • home language literacy skills versus English language literacy skills development
  • literature and teaching young learners
  • parents’ roles and attitudes towards ELT for young learners and teenagers
  • researching the teaching of young learners
  • syllabus and curriculum development
  • young learner teacher training and education
  • young learners’ assessment
  • is starting English instruction earlier really better?

Papers should be prepared in accordance to the Instructions for Authors, and  submitted by 31 August 2013, through the journal’s online manuscript submission system (instructions). The papers will undergo anonymous peer review prior to publication. Enquiries may be directed to the Editor, Graham Hall (editor@eltj.org).

Featured image credit: Emran Kassim @ Wikipedia [CC BY]

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