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EAP teachers’ perceptions of learner motivation

Heartiest congratulations to Lou Harvey, whose article, EAP teachers’ perceptions of learner motivation, has just been accepted for publication in the upcoming issue of the the International Student Experience Journal!

In Lou’s words:

This article reports on a qualitative study of four EAP teachers. The teachers perceived the major influences on their learners’ motivation to be Teacher/student relationships, Opportunities for social participation, and Influences on learner choice and agency, and they are broadly sensitive to the effects of these influences. However, at times teachers may misunderstand learners’ behaviour, and may simplistically regard this as evidence of motivation levels. This draws attention to the importance of strong teacher/student relations, and specifically awareness on the part of teachers about individual learners’ motivation, for the quality and inclusivity of the international student experience.

The full citation is: Harvey, L. (2013). EAP teachers’ perceptions of learner motivation. International Student Experience Journal 1 (2), and I will post a link as soon as the new issue is made available online.







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