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University of Manchester SEED conference [Call for papers]

The annual PGR conference of the University of Manchester School of Environment, Education and Development will take place on Monday 19th May 2014. This year’s theme is Innovation in Research.

Students from MIEArchitecture, Geography, Planning and IDPM are invited to submit posters or presentations, as follows:

Poster Presentation
MIE (optional) (optional, but strongly encouraged)
Architecture 1st year PhD (required) 2nd or 3rd year PhD (required)
Geography 1st year PhD (required) 2nd or 3rd year PhD (required)
Planning 1st year PhD (required) 2nd or 3rd year PhD (required)
IDPM 1st year PhD (required) 2nd or 3rd year PhD (required)


Posters are due on the conference day. Students presenting posters should have been allocated a Graphic Support Workshop slot.


Abstracts (200 words) should be submitted by 6 April 2014. The abstract should contain the presentation title, author’s name and discipline and three keywords. The abstract should describe methodology, research justification, analysis and findings. The abstract should be saved as full name-Abstract and emailed with the subject ’SEED Annual Conference 2014′ to pgrconferenceseed[at][dot]uk.

Photo Contest

Researchers are invited to participate to a photo contest. Photos should not depict children, and ethics, consent and copyright guidelines apply.

More information

Queries should be addressed to: pgrconferenceseed[at][dot]uk.






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