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Language and Sociocultural Theory [New Journal]

Language and Sociocultural Theory is a new international journal, currently edited by James Lantolf, which focuses on the study of language as seen through the lens of Vygotskian sociocultural theory. The thematic areas which the journal covers are described as follows:

Articles appearing in the journal may draw upon research in the following fields of study: linguistics and applied linguistics, psychology and cognitive science, anthropology, cultural studies, and education. Particular emphasis is placed on applied research grounded on sociocultural theory where language is central to understanding cognition, communication, culture, learning and development. The journal especially focuses on research that explores the role of language in the theory itself, including inner and private speech, internalization, verbalization, gesticulation, cognition and conceptual development. Work that explores connections between sociocultural theory and meaning-based theories of language also fits the journal’s scope.

Instructions to prospective authors are available here. The journal is scheduled to appear every April and September. The table of contents for current issue can be accessed here (the articles themselves are, unfortunately, paywalled).

Hat tip: Susan Dawson, Doctoral community @ LTE (link inactive)
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