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Developing as a researcher [IATEFL pre-conference event]

The IATEFL Research Special Interest Group will be holding a pre-conference event on 10 April 2015, prior to the Annual IATEFL conference. The event will combine poster presentations, group discussions, panel discussions as well as ‘surgery sessions’ focussing on areas that participants might find challenging. David Nunan and Sue Garton will be participating, moderating the event and sharing their expertise.

The event, which follows a similar one in 2014, is described as follows:

What does it mean to be or to become a ‘researcher’? Whether you are a student, a teacher, an academic or another kind of professional, and wherever you are in your research journey – near the beginning or further along the road – this event will offer a valuable opportunity to step back, reflect and learn from others in a collegial, informal and friendly atmosphere.

Some suggested topics for contributions include:

  • How I’ve learned to do research (and what I still need to learn)
  • My greatest success(es) as a researcher
  • My journey as a researcher
  • How I became a researcher
  • What has motivated me to do research
  • How I’ve changed as a researcher
  • Challenges I’ve faced as a researcher (& how I’ve overcome them)
  • What has motivated my choices of topic, approach and/or paradigm
  • Some critical moments in my life as a researcher
  • How research has changed my life
  • What dilemmas I’ve faced as a researcher
  • What I (still) want to know about research
  • Problems or puzzles I’m facing now in my research / in my research career

Prospective participants are invited to send a summary of their suggested topic (100-250 words) to at resig[at]iatefl[dot]org by 30 September 31 October.

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