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Fee waivers for new submissions to Language Testing in Asia

Language Testing in Asia (LTA) is a peer-reviewed open access academic journal, published by Springer. As implied by its name, the journal focuses on proficiency testing (e.g., IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC), high stakes national university entrance tests, and other evaluation methods, with particular reference to Asian contexts. Examples of research articles that the journal is keen to publish can be seen in this table of contents.

As the journal operates under an Open Access model, published articles are immediately made available online, and readers are not asked to pay subscription fees to access them. Normally, the article processing charges (£635/$1075/€800) are paid by the authors or their institutions.

However, the journal has announced that they intend to waive fees for any publication sent by 25 December 2014. Interested authors are asked to mention LINGUIST List (where this announcement first appeared) and Robert Kirkpatrick (one of the editors-in-chief) in order to have the submission fee waived.

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