Viva outcome

I am happy to announce that I successfully defended my PhD thesis yesterday. Professor Adrian Holliday and Dr Richard Fay, acting in the capacity of external and internal examiner respectively, were satisfied that the thesis meets the criteria for the degree, pending minor corrections that will be implemented in due course. I thank them both for their feedback and insights.

Heartfelt thanks also to all of you who sent your encouragement and wishes before the examination, and your congratulations and thoughts after the event. It is such generosity of spirit that keeps reminding me that my friends have always been the best of me.


  1. This is fantastic news, Achilleas! Congratulations on such a great achievement, and thank you for sharing with us aspects of your doctoral journey through this online space.

  2. congrats, Achilleas! it is really an achievement and thank you for sharing your experiences.

  3. Sincere congratulations! Eagerly waiting to read your work! I am sure it is outstanding, and I am sure you are yet to produce great works! All the best, and enjoy your success fully!

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