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Call for Chapter Proposals: Cases on Teacher Identity, Diversity, and Cognition in Higher Education

IGI Global are planning to publish a volume titled Cases on Teacher Identity, Diversity, and Cognition in Higher Education, which is to be edited by Paul Breen. Paul has described the book as follows:

This book is one which looks at teacher identity from a range of perspectives, incorporating aspects of theory and practice across a range of disciplines. Though discussing a series of cases in fields ranging from english language teaching to sociology, this book aspires to a synthesis of voices across disciplines; voices that are sometimes marginalised. Generally all those voices will come from the humanities and social sciences with a range of research methods and methodologies employed to get to the heart of the matter.

Who are today’s teachers? What are their backgrounds? What are their concerns? How do they articulate their feelings about their profession and their professional lives? What challenges do they face in today’s educational milieu? How do they seek to overcome these challenges and are they seeking to redefine education and teaching for a new generation? The book will take a case study approach to describing, discussing, and researching these cases.  The voices contained within this synthesis include teachers across a broad spectrum of background, research interests, and opinions.

The mission of the book is to provide a synthesis of new voices in the world of education, some of whom have great publishing and research potential in the future, and to make a new and exciting contribution to the literature on teacher identity. A further purpose is to challenge perspectives on the role of the teacher and to highlight changes which are occurring in terms of access to teaching & research roles within the context of higher education.

Contributions are invited on topics such as the following:

  • Cases studies of teachers in specific disciplines
  • Teacher cognition
  • Teacher identity
  • Teacher education
  • Narratives of teacher experience
  • Teachers as individuals or teachers as a group
  • Studies of teaching and technology
  • The psychology of teachers
  • Teachers of differing ethnicity and gender
  • Teachers who ‘break the mould’
  • Non-native English speaking teachers of English

Interested contributors are requested to submit a 2-3 page proposal outlining the chapter by April 15, 2013. Notification of acceptance will be given by June 15, 2013, at which time authors will be sent chapter guidelines. Full chapters are expected to be submitted by August 15, 2013, and will be subjected to double-blind peer review. Contributors may also be requested to serve as reviewers for this project. This book is anticipated to be released in late 2014.

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