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Special Issue on Complexity and TESOL

The Revista Brasileira de Linguística Aplicada have put together a Special Issue on Complexity and Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages. The journal is available online from the following link:

Rev. bras. linguist. apl. vol.13 no.2 Apr./June 2013

The journal, which was guest-edited by Diane Larsen-Freeman, contains a number of intellectually stimulating articles, including:

  • Complexity theory: a new way to think, by Diane Larsen-Freeman
  • Towards a complexity-informed pedagogy for language learning, by Sarah Mercer
  • Instantiation of complexity of students and teachers’ learnings in an EFL classroom, by Nayibe Rosado
  • The dynamics of L2 vocabulary development: A case study of receptive and productive knowledge, by Tal Caspi and Wander Lowie
  • Attractor states, control parameters, and co-adaptation in instructed L2 inferential comprehension: a design-based research study of a critical reading intervention, by Moisés Damián Perales Escudero
  • Emergence in second language writing: a methodological inroad, by Susy Macqueen
  • The interlanguage development in the Spanish learning as foreign language in Teletandem under the view of the Complexity Theory, by Oyama Andressa Carvalho Silva
  • Complexity in second language phonology acquisition, by Júnior Lima and Ronaldo Mangueira
  • Virtual learning environments in the light of the Complexity Paradigm: Interface, affordances and equifinality, by  Valeska Virginia Soares Souza
  • Fractal groups: Emergent dynamics in on-line learning communities, by Junia de Carvalho Fidelis Braga
  • Social interactive entropy and interaction in the language teacher education classroom, by Rafael Vetromille-Castro
  • Understanding digital natives’ learning experiences, by Claudio de Paiva Franco

Featured Image: Anna Creech (eclecticlibrarian @ Flickr), CC BY-NC-SA



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