English as a Lingua Franca 6

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Intercultural communication: New perspectives from ELF

The 6th International Conference of English as a Lingua Franca (ELF6) will be held in Rome between the 4th and 7th September 2013. The conference will be organised by Roma Tre University, and will focus on Intercultural Communication, as seen from the perspective of ELF.

Conference themes

Some possible topics include:

  • ELF and intercultural communication
  • Theoretical approaches to ELF
  • ELF and language policy
  • ELF and language education
  • ELF description & corpora
  • The Sociolinguistics of ELF

  • Contact languages and ELF
  • ELF assessment and evaluation
  • ELF and multilingualism
  • Pedagogical implications for ELF
  • ELF learners

Additional information

Additional information about the conference programme and registration can be found at the conference website (this link is now defunct).

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