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Teaching English for Specific and Academic Purposes: New Issue and CfP

In a previous blog post, I wrote about the Journal of Teaching English for Specific and Academic Purposes, an open access journal published by the University of Niš. I am happy to say that the second issue of volume 1 is now online. The issue contains a diverse range of papers, which are listed below:

Journal of Teaching English for Specific & Academic Purposes 1(2), Table of Contents

  • Helping International Teaching Assistants Acquire Discourse Intonation: Explicit and Implicit L2 Knowledge (Greta J. Gorsuch)
  • How About InterComprehension (IC)? IC as a Complement to Teaching Language Understanding (Delia Lungu & Laura Cizer)
  • Materials Development for Speaking Skills in Aviation English for Malaysian Air Traffic Controllers: Theory and Practice (Shamala Paramasivam)
  • Teaching Translation in Kazakhstan: Purposes and Perspectives (Leila Mirzoyeva)
  • Aims and Content of Foreign Language Teaching in Ukraine in the 1950s-1990s (Tetiana V. Stepykina)
  • Assessing the Academic English Needs of King Fahd Security College Officers: Implications for the Development of an EAP Program (M. N. Alhuqbani)
  • Verb-Forming Suffixes in ICT Terminology – A Semantic Approach (Slađjana Živković)
  • English for Nursing: The Importance of Developing Communicative Competences (Sara Corrizzato & Giada Goracci)
  • Review of Building Cultural Bridges in Education (Nataša Bakić-Mirić & Davronzhon Erkinovich Gaipov)
  • Review of Profiling Technical English in Engineering Environment (Miloš D. Đurić)
  • Review of Re-Visiting Mechanical Engineering English in Higher Education Studies (Miloš D Đurić)

Call for papers

The submission deadline for the next issue is 1st March 2014. Papers are invited from the fields of Teaching English for Specific and Academic Purposes, General and Applied Linguistics, on topics such as the following: language policy, assessment and evaluation, translation/interpretation, the place of ESP in language education, methodology of English language teaching, ESP and English as a Lingua Franca, material design, needs assessment, collecting ESP corpora, academic writing, the use of contemporary teaching and learning technologies, lexicography, language planning, stylistics, pragmatics, CALL, discourse analysis, blended learning, language pedagogy, conversation analysis, phonetics, morphology, syntax, semantics, sociolinguistics.

Information on the editorial policy of the journal can be found here.

Image Credit: Dictionary of the Frisian Language, by Hindrik Sijens @ Flickr | CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


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