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Cutting Edges 2014 [Call for papers]


This is a post advertising an academic event that took place in Canterbury in 2014. The content is no longer current and it is retained here for archival purposes only. If you are interested in receiving timely updates on academic events about language teaching and learning, you may want to consider following this blog. 

The conference

The Cutting Edges conference is an annual free one-day conference for researchers in applied linguistics, TESOL, modern languages, intercultural communication and education.

The theme for this year’s conference, which will take place on 1st July at Canterbury Christ Church University, is Acknowledging the autonomy, creativity and criticality our students bring with them. There will also be a research event for postgraduate researchers on the day before the conference (30th June 2014).

Submissions are invited for 20-minute contributions (followed by a 10-minute discussion), on topics such as:

  • recognising and researching students’ existing autonomy, critical thinking and creativity;
  • appreciating and researching students’ existing linguistic ability and cultural competence;
  • exploring how professional practice can sometimes get in the way of seeing the potentials students bring with them;
  • allowing space for unexpected student contribution;
  • drawing links between student contribution and research-based, project-based or open learning;
  • experience of student innovation within the curriculum;
  • the hidden curriculum;
  • secret or private sites of learning;
  • marginalised cultural realities;
  • learning from the margins.

Abstracts (150 words maximum), along with the name(s) and affilliation(s) of the author(s), should be submitted by email to cuttingedges[at][dot]uk by 2nd April 2014. 

Further details will be made available in due course at the conference website (link no longer active).

Image Credit: “Writing” by omcoc @ flickr  | CC BY-NC-SA


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