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Doing survey research: A collection of resources

Over time, I have written a number of posts on doing survey research, and I had been thinking of bringing them together in a single ‘index’ post for ease of reference, but somehow never managed to get round to it. Since I am currently not creating any new content, this is as good an opportunity as any, so here goes:

  1. An annotated bibliography on survey research.
  2. Recruiting research participants should be an honest, transparent process; but are there exceptions to this rule?
  3. You can find advice on writing survey questions in these two posts: 1, 2.
  4. Demographics sections on surveys are often poorly designed: here are some ways to improve on them.
  5. Questionnaire based research often uses scales: you can find some advice on using scales effectively in this post. For advice on how to interpret the data that scales produce, have a look here.
  6. And here’s some advice regarding questionnaire layout.
  7. Sometimes, you may find that you need to slightly tamper with data in order to protect your participants. This post explains when this is necessary, and how to do it.

I hope this list was useful! If you have any comments or questions, just ask :)

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