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Your search terms, revealed

There was a time, not too long ago, when Google would share the search terms (or ‘keywords’) that led readers to this blog. Google now encrypts this data, which means that I can no longer know what brought most of you here, but I can still get some clues from the search terms shared by other engines, such as Bing,, DuckDuckGo and Yahoo (who uses Yahoo anyway?). Here’s a glimpse of some choice keywords from November 2014:

1. kostoulas, 2014 demographic questionnaire

I don’t know much about demographic questionnaires, but that Kostoulas fellow is a nasty character. Avoid him if you can.

2. how to calculate likert scale mean

You can’t. Please stop asking me that.

3. presenting ordinal data for a likert scale can you calculate mean

I said no. Can we move on?

4. Is palgiarism in conference paper presentation?

Lots of that, sadly. Lots of plagiarism, as well.

5. Conferences in tunisia about language teaching and learning

Yes, I think I wrote about one of those [link no longer active]. The coverage of this blog occasionally surprises even myself.

6. likert scale 4 or 5 point?

Four items gives you a ‘forced choice’ or ipsative scale. Usually a good idea, especially if you want to avoid central tendency bias.

7. fomular for calculating mean in likert scale

8. how to calculate median for likert data

That’s much better! Here’s what to do.

9. baal cleanliness week 2014

Sorry, I’m an applied linguist. Hygiene is not part of my expertise. Have you tried asking Student Services?

10. can i use t test for likert scale

Yes, you can, but it will likely give you meaningless data.

11. andressa soares photo sets

Sorry, don’t have any of those. But if you find any please let me know.

12. how many person be best in doing likert questions

13. question about langua franca

Just ask. Or browse this archive.

14. how to interpret mean value of 2 ,3,4 and 5

With reference to your research questions.

15. Should I write in conference paper vs journal paper

If you want to get a job, tenure or promotion, journal articles are the way to go. Pro-tip: a conference paper can eventually become a journal article!

16. do you think mean is always the best measure of central tendency for interval data? also, what would you say if somebody claims that reporting the standard deviation is superfluous?

That’s a very unusual way to use a search engine. It’s not a good way to answer your homework assigments, either. I’m afraid I had to email your tutor.

17. dr bestiali

Dr Bestiale, I presume. What a splendid chap!

18. likert scale gives categorical data?


19. ulcerative colitis poem

This blog caters for readers of discerning culture and taste. Here you are, Kind Sir or Madame. Enjoy!

20. is”i teached” a correct english?

The author of this blog is not a prescriptivist, but “I teached” is highly non-standard.

Featured image: The illuminated manuscript featuring an elephant is a reminder that one need not take oneself too seriously all the time (Matthew Paris († 1259) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons).



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2 responses to “Your search terms, revealed”

  1. Ray Carey avatar

    Hi Achilleas, nice post, and I enjoyed browsing through your link to ELF-related posts as well. I tend to agree with your critiques of the field.

    I’ve also been sad to see the Google search terms go away, since it’s a nice gauge of visitors’ interests. It seems everyone on earth who has ever searched on “chunks” or “chunking” has found my blog. :) A few of my favorite search terms from months past:
    – no chunks, no fluency
    – how to get a relationship with an elf
    – stupidity spoken language
    – like correction is stupid
    – elf myths
    That last one can mean a couple different things, can’t it? ;)


    1. Achilleas avatar

      “How to get a relationship with an elf” was so funny! I’m afraid they were disappointed…

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