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Job advertised at the ELF project in Vienna

As I was going over my email after the holiday break, I came across the following job advertisement which may be of interest to some readers of this blog. Apparently, Barbara Seidlhofer’s research group are looking for a research assistant, who will help out with their English as a Lingua Franca research. This job is addressed at MA holders who might be interested in pursuing a doctoral degree in ELF. The deadline is quite tight I am afraid (applications must be submitted by 12th January 2015), but I still hope that the information does not come too late.

The ideal candidate is described as someone having:
  • Good knowledge of descriptive and applied linguistics;
  • Interest in and knowledge of English as a Lingua Franca;
  • Experience with or willingness to employ corpus-based research methods;
  • Willingness to develop and carry out a PhD project on English as a Lingua Franca;
  • Excellent command of German and English (spoken and written);
  • Capacity for teamwork, organizational talent, reliability, thoroughness. 

Candidates are also advised that “among equally qualified applicants women will receive preferential consideration”.

Further details about the post (in German and English) are available at the University of Vienna website.



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