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New job, new beginnings

As some of you might already know, next month (October 2015) I am moving to a new academic home at the University of Graz, where I will join the Department of English Studies (Institut für Anglistik).

Among other things, I’ll be responsible for teaching two undergraduate courses to future language teachers: an Introduction to Foreign Language Didactics, and an introductory applied linguistics course (Applied Linguistics for Language Teachers). I also expect that I will be able to carry on with my writing on the ways in which Complex Systems Theory can usefully inform ELT.

As with every transition, there are inevitably mixed feelings to manage. There is the question of achieving closure about what is left behind; and there are feelings of anger and frustration about the state of the academe in Greece; but most of all, there are feelings of anticipation and excitement about working with the brilliant team of educators and researchers at Graz. These are exciting times ahead!



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19 responses to “New job, new beginnings”

  1. Sophia Mavridi avatar
    Sophia Mavridi

    Sounds exciting but I totally understand there are mixed feelings. That’s exactly how I feel each and every time I start a new job abroad. Have never looked back though! Here’s to new beginnings xx

  2. vickypapageorgiou avatar

    Best of luck, Achillea! Graz is wonderful and you are going to be much happier there!

  3. Joanna Malefaki avatar
    Joanna Malefaki

    To new beginnings! Good luck in Aurtria!

  4. Joanna Malefaki avatar
    Joanna Malefaki

    To new beginnings! Good luck in Austria!

  5. Joanne avatar

    That is definitely exciting news, Achilleas. I look forward to reading about your new job.

  6. Achilleas avatar

    Thank you all!!! Graz is great, indeed! I will be posting updates!

  7. Costas Gabrielatos avatar
    Costas Gabrielatos

    Congratulations! All the best in your new job!

  8. Despoina Tzoka avatar
    Despoina Tzoka

    Though having never commented, I must say I am proud and happy for you! Wishing you best of luck and waiting for the next post!

  9. Marisa Constantinides avatar

    How wonderful! Congratulations! No wonder you are excited!

    Very happy for you.

  10. msotiriadou avatar

    Θερμά συγχαρητήρια!!! Πάντα επιτυχίες!!!

  11. Benoît Guilbaud avatar

    Congratulations and all the best in the new job :D

  12. ven_vve avatar

    Congratulations! Sounds very exciting!

  13. Vicky Loras avatar

    Bravo Achillea!

    This is the best news ever. A colleague like you and with such credentials is a huge asset to the University of Graz (and any university, that is). I wish you the best and I am so happy for you! See you soon I hope, neighbour : )

    Best wishes,

  14. Eugenia Loras - Ευγενία Λώρα avatar

    With all my heart, I wish you nothing but the best! Congratulations, Achilleas!

  15. Achilleas avatar

    Thanks for the kind words and encouraging comments everyone! I am touched!

  16. Mariam Attia avatar

    Congratulations Achilleas! I am sure you will continue to make a difference wherever you go. I understand your mixed feelings. Sometimes sad situations lead us to discover new things about ourselves.. and grow. All the very best and I look forward to hearing more about your new role.

    1. Achilleas avatar

      Thank you Mariam! I’m not sad as such – if anything I am excited about my new role. Maybe just in a contemplative mood about transitioning, growing up, moving on and all that :)

  17. Laura Patsko avatar

    Con-Graz, Achillea! (Ha, ha, ha… well, I make myself laugh.)

    I expect the excellent blogging to continue even when you’re in a new home…


    1. Achilleas avatar

      LOL, that’s so funny! I should get back to blogging regularly once I get my internet sorted :)

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