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Language Learning Strategies and Individual Learning Characteristics

Update: Published!

Front Cover of Language Learning Strategies and Individual Characteristics
Front Cover

I am very happy to announce that Language Learning Strategies and Individual Learner Characteristics, the edited collection described in the call for papers below, has just been published by Bloomsbury.

The volume, which is edited by Rebecca Oxford and Carmen Amerstorfer,  describes the connections between the intrapersonal characteristics of language learners, the language learning strategies (LLS) that they use, and the contexts in which language learning takes place. It consists of 12 chapters, which are flanked by an introduction and an ending by the editors. These are grouped in four parts, which look into the following themes:

  1. Theoretical foundations of LLS
  2. Research methodologies for investigating LLS and individual differences
  3. Empirical studies of LLS and individual differences
  4. Teacher education

You can read about the volume by clicking on the button below:

Call for Chapters

Rebecca Oxford and Carmen Amerstorfer are planning the publication of an edited volume on Language Learning Strategies, entitled: Situating Strategies: Language Learning Strategies and Individual Learning Characteristics. The volume will comprise empirical and theoretical contributions that discuss strategy use in relation to individual learner differences.

Chapters (5,000 to 7,000 words) are invited, focussing on any of the thematic areas below:

  • Theoretical foundations of Language Learning Strategies
  • Research methodologies for exploring situated learning strategies and individual differences
  • Learning strategies and individual learner characteristics
  • Strategy-Based Instruction or strategy training in diverse contexts






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