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  • Doing Classroom-Based Research

    Doing Classroom-Based Research

    Last Saturday, Anita Lämmerer and I had the privilege to facilitate a workshop in the ELT Connect 2015 conference that was jointly organised by the Sprachausbildung and the Fachdidaktik sections of the Institut für Anglistik, University of Graz. In our workshop, which was entitled Exploring Practice through Classroom-Based Research, we made the case for practitioner-led research,…

  • Mandated action research

    Action research refers to a special type of small-scale, practically-oriented studies that professionals (such as teachers) carry out in their professional settings, in order to address some specific aspect of their practice that needs improvement. Although it may appear narrower in scope than the kind of research that is carried out by professional researchers, and…

  • On theories, practice, and opportunism in Foreign Language Education

    On theories, practice, and opportunism in Foreign Language Education

    “If it doesn’t work in practice, then it’s not good theory” Julian Edge Or at least that’s what one of my doctoral supervisors used to say. The tension between theory and practice is, I think, one of the most common complaints I come across in teacher discourse (pay being by far the commonest). I have…

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