On being misquoted

Two scientific pocket calculators on a desk.

Although I am not a statistician, through some quirk of Google's search algorithm, it appears that I have become promoted to a go-to internet expert on Likert scales. This is sometimes awkward, especially when a less-than-perfect blog post is cited in a peer-reviewed publication, but I can live with that. On the other hand, I tend to …

On Likert scales, levels of measurement and nuanced understandings

Two scientific pocket calculators on a desk.

I have found it moderately bemusing that my post on Likert scales has received so much attention, considering that I had only intended to mention statistics in passing, in order to make what I perceived to be a more broadly relevant remark. Because my authorial intention was not to educate readers in statistics, the views I expressed in that …

How to use Likert scales effectively

Many questionnaires use Likert items & scales to elicit information about language teaching and learning. In this post, I discuss how to use these instruments effectively, by looking into the difference between items and scales, and explaining how to analyse the data that they produce.