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Online Language Teaching Research [Call for papers]

Chapter proposals are invited for a peer-reviewed volume on online language teaching to be edited by Israel Sanz-Sánchez (West Chester University), Susana Rivera-Mills (Oregon State University) and Regina Morin (The College of New Jersey).

In the editors’ words:

Our goal is to gather a collection of innovative, unpublished research that highlights current research on the topic, and can be one of the key references in the field for years to come. We are particularly interested in scholarship that makes clear connections between empirical research in the cyber or hybrid classroom and larger philosophical issues in language teaching and learning with clear implications for future directions in the field.

Some possible topics include the following:

  1. Linguistic and cultural proficiency development in online language courses
  2. Course development strategies – general guidelines and their empirical justification
  3. Assessment of online language learning – what to measure, how to measure it
  4. Students in the online world: psychological, age-related, socioeconomic, cultural issues – how do students navigate and respond to the online language learning challenge
  5. Instructor education programs and strategies – how do/should language instructors adapt to the online environment
  6. Program surveys – models of linguistic programs, what works and what doesn’t
  7. Institutional issues – administrative views and strategies on online language learning and repercussions for language programs and proficiency development
  8. Online language learning outside academia – motivations and effectiveness of non-institution-based language learning

Abstracts (300 words max, w/ references) and a two-page CV are to be sent by 1st December 2013 to isanzsanch[at]wcupa[dot]edu. Additional information will be provided upon receipt of abstract.

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