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  • The Lingua controversy

    The Lingua controversy

    You have probably read about the mass resignation of all the editorial board and the reviewers of Lingua, a prestigious journal published by Elsevier [in November 2015]. For those of you who may have missed it, here are some highlights. What happened? Last July, the editors of Lingua asked Elsevier to renegotiate the way the journal worked.…

  • Predatory publishing, languages, quitting and persevering

    Predatory publishing, languages, quitting and persevering

    This is a collection of articles, blog posts and other content about Higher Education, academic publishing and language teaching and learning, which appeared in April 2014. This week’s collection of noteworthy stories, articles and posts looks into academic publishing practices (predatory and mainstream), celebrates language preservation, contemplates quitting the Ivory Tower, and reminds readers to persevere in…

  • Reading Digest (23-29 December)

    Reading Digest (23-29 December)

    Predictably, this has been a relatively quiet week in terms of academic news. Still, here is the weekly round up of notable articles, posts and stories that I came across in the week between 23rd and 29th December 2013: Cracking down on knowledge sharing The first story that caught my attention this week was about…

  • My paper, my way :)

    My paper, my way :)

    Starting this July, all academic journals published by Elsevier will adopt the “Your paper, your way” policy that has been piloted since mid-2011. The policy is pretty much what the name says: contributors to any journal are welcome to submit papers in any format they choose, rather than have to adhere to the preferred styles of…

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