Achilleas Kostoulas

Applied Linguistics & Language Teacher Education

Tag: ESL

  • “What is easy and what is hard to acquire in a second language?”

    What is easy and what is hard to learn in a foreign language? I just read a chapter in an edited volume on this very question, and this post aims to provide both a synopsis of the chapter and a critical reaction to it. To answer the question, Slabakova (2013) draws on Universal Grammar theory (UG), to…

  • “Is English a foreign language?”

    “Is English a foreign language?”

    Earlier this morning, I was posed a deceptively simple question via Twitter: “Is English a foreign language in Greece?” Of course it is, one might be tempted to answer. What else might it be? But it seems to me that one may profit from going beyond such an unreflective response. @achilleask Μου επιτρέπεις να σε…

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