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  • Multilingual Language Learning with Digital Media

    Multilingual Language Learning with Digital Media

    About this post: This is a post advertising an academic conference on multilingual education that took place in 2016. The content of this post is no longer current, and it is retained here for archival purposes only. If you landed on this page looking for information on multilingualism, the following collections of posts may be…

  • Publish and perish

    Publish and perish

    “How many points would Louis Pasteur, Henri Poincaré, Claude Shannon, Tim Berners-Lee and others nowadays earn within the new academic evaluation system?” The latest issue of Computer Assisted Language Learning carries a thought-provoking editorial on the “publish or perish” syndrome. Jozef Colpaert, the editor, argues that the evaluation practices currently in place in the academe are ultimately…

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