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  • Predatory publishing, languages, quitting and persevering

    Predatory publishing, languages, quitting and persevering

    This is a collection of articles, blog posts and other content about Higher Education, academic publishing and language teaching and learning, which appeared in April 2014. This week’s collection of noteworthy stories, articles and posts looks into academic publishing practices (predatory and mainstream), celebrates language preservation, contemplates quitting the Ivory Tower, and reminds readers to persevere in…

  • International Mother Language Day

    International Mother Language Day

    Information about language policy, and minority and heritage langauges in Greece, written on to commemorate the International Mother Language Day.

  • Is the ‘endangered languages’ movement threatening linguistics?

    Is the ‘endangered languages’ movement threatening linguistics?

    On 15th October 2014, Paul Newman (Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Indiana University) delivered a lecture at the School of Oriental and Asian Studies at the University of London, which was titled ‘The Law of Unintended Consequences: How the Endangered Languages Movement Undermines Field Linguistics as a Scientific Enterprise’.  The talk (70 minutes) can be accessed online by clicking on the link below,…

  • Language revitalisation

    Language revitalisation

    That the English language is dominating international communication is hardly news. As if more confirmation was needed, recently the European Parliament introduced a new helpline, where Members of the European Parliament and staff can find answers to the finer points of English grammar and style. This is hardly a negative development, but the lack of…

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