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  • Critical Perspectives on Language Education

    Critical Perspectives on Language Education

    A review of Critical Perspectives on Language Education: Australia and Asia Pacific.

  • What shapes language policy in education?

    What shapes language policy in education?

    This post was prompted by the publication, last week, of a story in the Washington Post about changes in language use in the US over the last 30 years. Some key takeaways from the story were the decline in rank of what one might term ‘European heritage’ languages such as Greek, Italian, Yiddish and Polish,…

  • Canadian Modern Language Review Special Issue 16 [Call for proposals]

    The Canadian Modern Language Review are inviting proposals for the 16th special issue of the journal. According to the call for proposals: Proposals should identify a contemporary topic which will allow for the exploration of recent advances in theory, research, and practice in second language learning and teaching. The proposed topic should also be one that…

  • Oppressive language education

    Oppressive language education

    In recent years, Modern Foreign Languages in Greece have been taught in accordance with the ‘mother language+two’ policy, which has held that learners should receive instruction in two modern foreign languages, namely English plus one of the following: French, German, Italian or Spanish. I have, in the past, expressed reservations regarding the selection of these…

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