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  • Language Policy in Higher Education

    Language Policy in Higher Education

    WORKSHOP: Universities are sites where local languages, standard national languages, and English as a global language come into contact. What does this mean in terms of language policy?

  • Non-Native Speakers of English need not apply

    Non-Native Speakers of English need not apply

    As the profession moves away from obsolete beliefs about the perceived advantages of ‘nativeness’, the University of Athens continues to discriminate.

  • Call for papers: World-Conference on Pluricentric Languages and their Non-Dominant Varieties

    Call for papers: World-Conference on Pluricentric Languages and their Non-Dominant Varieties

    Update This is a post advertising an academic event that took place in 2015. The content is no longer valid, and is maintained here for archival purposes only. If you landed here looking for information on language policy, the following links about language education may be of interest: What shapes language policy in education? International…

  • What shapes language policy in education?

    What shapes language policy in education?

    This post was prompted by the publication, last week, of a story in the Washington Post about changes in language use in the US over the last 30 years. Some key takeaways from the story were the decline in rank of what one might term ‘European heritage’ languages such as Greek, Italian, Yiddish and Polish,…

  • International Mother Language Day

    International Mother Language Day

    Information about language policy, and minority and heritage langauges in Greece, written on to commemorate the International Mother Language Day.

  • Reading Digest (6 – 12 January)

    Spanning topics from schools, to language policy, to the job market, here’s a selection of stories, articles and posts from the previous week: Children playing pirates An argument could easily be made that since developing children’s creativity and broadening their intellectual horizons is a worthier cause than safeguarding corporate profit, schools should be exempt from…

  • Reading Digest (8-14 December)

    Here’s a round up of various articles, posts and stories I came across in the past week: On academic blogging Inger Mewburn and Pat Thomson, considered by some to be among the top academic bloggers, present their views on the hows and whys of academic blogging. The blog post, which draws on their recently published paper on academic…

  • Language revitalisation

    Language revitalisation

    That the English language is dominating international communication is hardly news. As if more confirmation was needed, recently the European Parliament introduced a new helpline, where Members of the European Parliament and staff can find answers to the finer points of English grammar and style. This is hardly a negative development, but the lack of…

  • Call for Papers: Language Revitalization in a Russian and European Context (MinorEuRus)

    This conference, to be held at the University of Helsinki (Finland) between 16th and 18th December 2013, will highlight research on language extinction and revitalisation, with special emphasis on the minority languages of the Russian Federation and the European Union. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, the conference aims to bring together perspectives from fields such as contact…